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I had it created by somebody many years ago. I know there is software out there since I changed some colors, wording and pictures a few years back. I even created a link so when somebody clicked on the IR picture, a PDF page would come up showing a larger view.

I just can't see paying somebody to change the address and add another phone number an existing web page.

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Many website companies have website editors online that allow you to create and update your own website. I use www.fatcow.com. Check out my site at www.sherlockinspection.com. I built it myself using available templates. There is also free downloadable software to edit content of some sites depending on the software used to create it, but that has always been too much trouble for me. Build you own. There's a small learning curve to it and many packages are under $20/month. Mine is under $10.


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Dreamweaver CS4, I'm sure you can find a free trial version to download (30 days). It will edit anything but flash, then you will need FLASH CS4. If all you need to edit it some html text, notepad will work just fine if you know how to read/write code. If you need help doing a simple address page, copy and paste the code off the page and I'll see if I can help you get it changed.

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