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Which countries have roof restorations done??


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Hi guys,

my name is Phil from Guardian Roofing in Australia. Over here roof restorations seem to be a common thing to get done for cosmetic and other reasons.

I can never really find much info about roof restorations including exterior roof painting from other countries.

I would be grateful for any insight as to how roofs are restored and if there is a demand in you area.

Cheers guys,


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Hi Phil,

Roof restoration - painting a roof to make it last longer - isn't really something that's very popular here. It's more or less viewed as being a jackleg approach used by folks too cheap to replace a worn-out roof.

I've personally seen a few excellent examples of roofs that have been coated with one of these products and those roofs had been doing really well. Still, I have to confess that, though I couldn't find anything wrong with those covers and as far as I could tell they hadn't negatively impacted the homes, I couldn't help but being skeptical of the claims made by the literature that the sellers who owned those homes were using to convince my clients.



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Phil, you are talking about metal and tile roofs, right? When we did a road trip around New Zealand 3 years ago, I saw one, just one, house with asphalt/comp shingles. Currugated tin seemed to be the roofing of choice with tile running a distance second. Is it the same way in Oz?

It differs in other parts of the US, but up here in the NW, asphalt shingles absolutely rule. I'm not saying it's a good thing, but it keeps the re-roofing companies busy.

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I installed my first roof when I was 9 on my parents house. A few years ago we replaced it again. The 25 year IKO three tabs lasted nearly 30 years (although it was probably the T-loks under them that kept most of the weather out), and in another 30 when the Certainteed Landmarks fail Mom will be too old (89) to care. My house will be getting a new roof cover later this summer or early this fall and I intend to do it only once. I'll be bending my own pans for the standing seam on the shallow pitched porches, and putting these shingles on rest: http://follansbeeroofing.com/products/D ... ngles.aspx. The paint may be shot, but the stainless steel should still be fine when my boy is pushing 90.


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Hi richard,

Yeah, im talking about tiled and metal roofs.

The older areas here are mainly terracotta tiles and old galvanised tin. The newer built areas would be more commonly cement tiled roofs.

Colorbond is starting to become fairly common in all areas though.

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