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EBPHI Seeks Photos for the NHIE


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Hi All,

The Examining Board of Home Inspectors - the outfit that developed and provides the National Home Inspector Exam - is looking for some photos to be used to illustrate components or deficiencies.

They are looking for:

1. A picture of an old gravity-type boiler - the kind that was used before circulators came into common use.

2. A contemporary hydronic boiler

3. A steam boiler showing the sight glass

4. A photo of a gas water heater that's been improperly cocooned in an insulation blanket with the blanket covering the air intake at the bottom of the tank and the draft diverter at the top of the tank.

Those sending photos need to understand that the photos will become the property of EBPHI and will need to be accompanied by a release. Basically, send them as attachments to an email and declare in the email that you are surrendering rights to the photo.

Send them to:




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