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Gerry Beaumont

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I was shocked and very sad to hear that Gerry Beaumont had passed away. We conversed a lot by e-mail and phone in my early days of inspecting, and the wife and I shared a few brews and a lobster dinner with Gerry in Portland, Maine when we were on our east coast Mini delivery vacation back in '05.

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I found the thread over "there", and it seems he was found dead in his workshop after an apparent heart attack.

A good guy gone! I'll hoist my next beer to you Gerry.

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Damn, I never knew the guy, or even heard of him until today. I never really went on the inachi board more than a couple times for a couple minutes each time.

Keeled over in your workshop doesn't sound like all that bad a way to go.

Is it easier for a HI to pass through the Pearly Gates than it is for a rich man?

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According to a post made by a fellow named Greg Bell over on the soap opera there will be a memorial service for Gerry on May 24th and a viewing and a service by Harvey Gordon. Gerry's parents are coming over and they are going to do a cremation and sprinkle his ashes at sea and then afterward there will be a an after-service service at a local pub so folks can raise a glass in his memory.

The address of the funeral home is:

Sun City Center Funeral Home

1851 Rickenbacker Drive

Sun City Center, FL 33573

Phone: 813-643-9900

R.I.P. Gerry.



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