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Sub Panel Q.

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The house I inspected today had a sub- panel installed in the hall closet adjacent to an air handler. The air handler and sub panel were added in 1997.

There is only a 3 wire feed run to the sub panel, but there is a single 120v. circuit / receptacle added and attached directly to this panel that supplies power to the electronic air cleaner.

Since there is a 120v receptacle, shouldn't there be a 4 wire feed to the panel?

Shelving is installed out over the panel, so there is no way anyone will keep clear unobstructured working space in front of the panel (not to mention the fire load due to all of the stored items).

I don't think that the panel should have been installed in the closet, and believe a 4 wire feed is needed--- what say you?

I wouldn't second guess myself on this usually, but the entire thing appears to have been permitted.

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It appears to have 3 outgoing circuits on it, so technically it's a subpanel.

1) Type SE cable not permitted to be used as feeder (is that an SE cable bringing power into the panel?).

2) 4 wire service required.

3) Noticed a grounding (green) screw on the neutral bus bar: Sub panel enclosure is not permitted to be bonded to the neutral conductor.

4) Noticed an equipment grounding (white with green tape) conductor connected to the neutral busbar: Equipment grounding conductors may not be connected to the neutral conductor beyond the main panel.

5) Sub panel installation does not have adequate access.

6) Outgoing circuits are not equipped with an equipment grounding conductor (all 3 circuits).

That's what I can discern from the photo.


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