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  1. Below are the ways that you can use to overcome bad smell under kitchen sink. You can remove the stopper from the sink and wash out debris lodged in it. Pour baking soda into the sink drain. Use hot water while the baking soda and vinegar is bubbling in the drain. Place fresh citrus rinds in sink drains.
  2. Yes! I'm looking for outdoor plumbing.
  3. Looking to change the plumbing in my cottage. Should I change to copper or PEX? Please let me know which is best for cottage plumbing?
  4. The basic reason behind the white powder on indoor heating vent is high humidity level.
  5. It normally happen to copper pipes. I have seen the same issue with all copper pipes in my old house that was built in 1975. It is caused by an excess amount of flux residue.
  6. Boiling hard water (with high mineral such as calcium, magnesium etc) in a boiler will soften it by precipitating the calcium carbonate, as its solubility decreases with increasing temperature cause the white powder in the boiler or heating system.
  7. White powder residual from gas furnace is basically happen due to the high humidity level.
  8. Thank you Marc for your valuable response and make it clear that my AC compressor is working fine.
  9. Installing small tank-less unit would also be the best option. It will help you get desired quantity of hot water without any delay.
  10. I think some appliances may be overheating or burning plastic wire coverings that could be the cause behind bad odors in the house.
  11. It is permissible to share a single flue among more than one heating appliance or fireplace. But it’s very important to apply safety constraints while doing this.
  12. My AC compressor start with 5 mins delay after internal unit. Is this any issue or normal condition? Sometimes I restart AC and compressor start instantly, but sometimes start with delay.
  13. Sounds like you should change your air conditioner capacitor because capacitor is a key component in the healthy air conditioner.
  14. Mitsubishi would be the right brand for replacing your 20 years old air conditioner because Mitsubishi air conditioner has excellent energy efficiency, fastest cooling and 24 x 7 Support system.
  15. Thanks for your valuable suggestions. I’ll definitely go through and try to overcome this problems.
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