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  1. what is the rating of the main breaker?
  2. Ollie, the government will always buy the most expensive (regardless of quality) because the taxpayers are paying for it.
  3. accuracy of a Sun Nuclear is 25% or 1 pCi/L. Pretty good accuracy... and all 10 of mine match Bowser Morner with less than .5 % annually... Not sure what you are using, But I know my Sun Nuclear 1027's will outservice all competitors... My 10 1027's will meet and/or exceed the accuracy of a Femto... Guaranteed....
  4. something to remember.... a Curie is 1/1 a picocurie is 1/1,000,000,000,000 the difference between a reading of 3 and 5?
  5. based upon the sample tested. the lack of asbestos present is limited to the amount and area of insulation tested. It should not be construed to be representative of the totality of insulation present and installed thru all the attic and inaccessible wall void areas.
  6. ivy had penetrated the wall cavities and was coming thru the baseboards and attic. ivy should not be permitted to grow on exterior walls or chimneys. Click to Enlarge 41.29 KB
  7. Having a bedroom on a lower level, the control on an upper floor may not be adequate. Hot water baseboard is generally zoned by levels / floors. If the lower level bedroom is not continually occupied, you may want to add a zone specifically for that level.
  8. Asbestos (naturally occuring) is a 3 2 crystalline structure. Fiberglass (manufactured) is a 3 2 crystalline structure with the same properties of asbestos what are the health effects of Fiberglass? it took 50 years for the health effects of asbestos to become known. Fiberglass maybe safe 50 - 70 years will tell the tale...
  9. The EPA suggests that an exposure (prolonged) may develop into lung cancer 50 - 70 years later. Unless you were 2 when you were scraping the ceiling, what is your concern?
  10. it is there. requires reading..... Trim J-channel is used around windows and doors to receive the siding. Follow the steps below when applying trim. ?? Cut and bend the tab of the top piece of J-channel down to provide flashing over the side J-channel.
  11. that does not look like typical perlite. It may be gypsum.
  12. He did an inspection for my brother about 2 years ago. looking at his website ... Certifications & Licenses ? Past and Present
  13. vinyl siding installed without vapor barrier requires removal and replacement to meet minimum installation requirement of the manufacturer.
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