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  1. Do you write reports for "Peace of Mind" or to identify conditions? Where do you ply your trade? Do you have spell check or a thesaurus? concealed defects that make exist.
  2. Thats where the body lay until it was discovered. Or, it could be iron leaching from the soil, Or, ?
  3. Years ago, I'm talking mid 80's, we worked on an invoice system and at any given time during the year we carried a 50k accounts receivable. The company started in 1956 and the policy always was to invoice anyone who didn't have payment at the inspection. We didn't have many no pays but did have to spend time with collection reminders. We made a decision to go to a laundry accounting system. No payment, no laundry. We made it clear that payment was due at the time of the inspection. Cash, check or money order. No credit cards. We lost no business, found that we didn't need to chase anyone because if they showed up without payment we would hold the report till paid. Worked like a charm. I realize CC's are the thing today, but if the client can make time to get to an inspection he can stop at a cash machine before he gets there. If he cannot be at the inspection the realtor can have him send a check for the inspection fee. Or, you can just advertise that if they pay with a CC there will be a ($) up-charge.
  4. They're just happy to get out of quarantine !
  5. "I have a house that I’ve inspected on a pier and beam foundation." That's probably something to consider as a possible cause. I have a fireplace that has settled, (cracks in the lower courses but not higher up) because it was built on a garage slab without a correct foundation.
  6. Vargas was quite the artist. https://www.pinterest.com/nancyjeannine/vargas-girls/
  7. Very much not homasoate. What Kibbel said. Homasote Sound Barrier Sheathing 1/2 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. R-1.2 Sound Board
  8. Jim: Just fly down and do your thing. No reason you can't "walk through" with your son.
  9. What is the name of your electric utility so I can buy some stock?
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