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  1. Jim: Just fly down and do your thing. No reason you can't "walk through" with your son.
  2. What is the name of your electric utility so I can buy some stock?
  3. Nothing runs like a Trane. My 5-ton is going on 16 years old.
  4. My take is Jim was born with a good deal of street smarts.
  5. Here is a pix of a black carpet beetle. The debris does not look like carpenter ants which leave a frass that looks like it came from sawn wood.
  6. Porn ??? I always thought it was required reading. What a bummer.
  7. Looks like a steam boiler converted to hot water. There are at least two circulators on the right side.
  8. I think the immersion in water, (ground water and septic water) created a perfect environment.
  9. The condo association office should have copies of the original prospectus (documents), which would detail the square footage. Or not.
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