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  1. John Ghent

    Found at today's inspection

    Shoemakers hammer.
  2. John Ghent

    Recent Inspection

    Running water and flush toilets 79ad, before the coliseum was finished.
  3. John Ghent

    Unknown Object

    When I was a code guy for the usaf we made these speed keys with hack saw blades which had a really great flexibility. Yes, the one in the vid is wimpy.
  4. John Ghent

    Unknown Object

    Here is a link showing a modern version of the older telegraph unit.
  5. John Ghent

    Unknown Object

    Thats a speed telegraph unit. Instead of doing dits and dots up and down, these units allow the operator to use a side to side motion to send much faster code.
  6. John Ghent

    I'm going to be here for a while...

    I hope you charged an extra $20 for that. Are all the panels 3phase?
  7. John Ghent

    New roof raised in areas

    Could this perhaps be a modular home trucked to the site and assembled? Hard to tell whats going on just with a roof shot.
  8. John Ghent

    inert materials burial on site

    These are Elm tree stumps and parts that the builder buried on my property in 1960 when the house was built. The cross street is named "Old Elm". They were discovered when I was having a curtain drain installed in 2011.
  9. John Ghent

    1969 Home wiring

    That was probably due to Unions. Most big cities used mostly copper for that reason.
  10. John Ghent

    New blog

    Benign is a word most closely associated with Malignant (as in tumor). If an "easy" report is B9 is a tough report Malignant? Poor word choice.
  11. John Ghent

    Burnham "Electric Steam Radiator"

    According to Burnham it is a steam unit. https://www.amazon.com/Burnham-Portable-Electric-Steam-Radiator/dp/B00QP522HS
  12. John Ghent

    Run away

    Yes, I did that a few times.
  13. John Ghent

    Low Voltage Lighting Controls

    Mike: My parents built in the 50's and these low voltage lighting systems were sold as a security feature. But our system had both interior and exterior lights. There was a master control in the master bedroom with numbers up to (I think) 12. Each number on the dial corresponded to a light and if you heard a noise in the night you could dial the number and turn on a light. There was also an all on position. Not sure if the solenoid switches are still available.
  14. John Ghent

    Digital Camera Deal For Serious Photographers

    $1769 at amazon.