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  1. What is the name of your electric utility so I can buy some stock?
  2. Nothing runs like a Trane. My 5-ton is going on 16 years old.
  3. My take is Jim was born with a good deal of street smarts.
  4. Here is a pix of a black carpet beetle. The debris does not look like carpenter ants which leave a frass that looks like it came from sawn wood.
  5. Porn ??? I always thought it was required reading. What a bummer.
  6. Looks like a steam boiler converted to hot water. There are at least two circulators on the right side.
  7. I think the immersion in water, (ground water and septic water) created a perfect environment.
  8. The condo association office should have copies of the original prospectus (documents), which would detail the square footage. Or not.
  9. Great for making milk shakes. Or, put it on the curb with a "Free" sign attached.
  10. Dennis, you are replying to a topic that was discussed in 2015. And many of your previous posts were also directed to old stuff.
  11. In 1985 when I gave up 3 packs a day, this was one of the things you had to do. Keep all your butts where you could see them. You could smoke all you wanted but you had to change brands each week, moving to a more filtered cig each time. My wife, my sister and myself did the duty for three weeks and never looked back. That could be called an incentive jug.
  12. Is the red wire lower left fried? And the one above marked Kitchen?
  13. Love Ben' Aura brand. Been a Ben fan many years.
  14. Running water and flush toilets 79ad, before the coliseum was finished.
  15. When I was a code guy for the usaf we made these speed keys with hack saw blades which had a really great flexibility. Yes, the one in the vid is wimpy.
  16. Here is a link showing a modern version of the older telegraph unit.
  17. Thats a speed telegraph unit. Instead of doing dits and dots up and down, these units allow the operator to use a side to side motion to send much faster code.
  18. I hope you charged an extra $20 for that. Are all the panels 3phase?
  19. Could this perhaps be a modular home trucked to the site and assembled? Hard to tell whats going on just with a roof shot.
  20. These are Elm tree stumps and parts that the builder buried on my property in 1960 when the house was built. The cross street is named "Old Elm". They were discovered when I was having a curtain drain installed in 2011.
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