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Water heater not working


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Well, if he wants to have hot water today he could call a plumber. If he doesn't mind waiting until he trouble shoots it with vague advice from strangers on the internet and is reasonably confident he won't electrocute himself or blow up his house (because we don't know his fuel source) then I say what the hell, I'm game.

It's likely as simple as a thermocouple (gas or propane) or an element (electric). You should be able to find either one at your local hardware or big box mart. If you are not comfortable taking the old ones out to take with you to match up parts then Marc is right, call a plumber.


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Call your local library and see if they have the Time/Life Fix It Yourself series of books. If so, go over and check out Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing and follow the trouble-shooting guide for either the Electric or Gas Water heater, depending on which kind you have. Once you've identified the problem, the book will take you step-by-step through the repair procedure.

If they don't have that series, ask if they have Time/Life's Home Repair and Improvement Series. If so, check out Plumbing and then go to page 92 - The Ins and Outs of Water Heaters and work your way through the troubleshooting guide there and follow their repair instructions as necessary.

Good Luck!



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