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Water heater question.

Robert Jones

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Today's water heater was a Bradford White manufactured, 6 yr old electric unit. After running the appliances, bathroom's etc..., actually well after running those, the tank was still making a noise like it was "running" maybe churning is a better word. I did check the TPR and it was normal. Shut off the water supply to the tank and the noise continued. It does have a Hyrdo Jet system, could this be the cause?

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The "Hydro-Jet" is what they call their dip tube in the HW tank. The end of it has a nozzle that jets the water around the bottom of the tank.

Sounds like it has a build up of sediment.

But Robert said that the noise continued even after the water supply to the WH was turned off.


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I hear electric heaters making noise all the time when the elements are on, kind of a boiling irregular noise. Could that be what you are hearing? I can't quote a source for this but I always assumed the water immediately next to the element was beginning to boil. This would continue when the water supply was off but the power was still on. You might just try listening and then turning the power off and on to verify.

I had one in my last house that did this for the five years I had it and my current apartment with a lowboy electric does the same thing.

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