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YouTube Vide Upload Speeds

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What kind of connection do you have? Phone modem, DSL, Cable?

I have cable modem and can upload a vid like that in a few seconds. Something wasn't right. Sometimes it's the server or the net being busy. Sometimes there'e nothing you can do about it. You can only receive something as fast as someone is sending it.

Here's a speed test utility. > http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/

I just ran it on mine and came back 12 Mbps.

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If you have a cable modem, speed can slow down with heavy usage in your neighborhood. Also, I'd think there could be a possibility of a bottleneck at Youtube during peak upload times.

Was that 20 second video a large file? Reducing the file size would cut down upload time. Do you have an editing program? You may have Windows Movie Maker.

That funhouse video I posted was nearly a 2 GB file and it took nearly 7 hours to upload. Normally, a 10 minute video I upload would be less than half that size. I use Roxio Videwave Movie Creator to capture and edit video. I used to be able to use a drop down menu to pick from a wide variety of video formats and compression levels to save the file to. After reinstalling the program following a hard drive replacement, the drop down menu wasn't there.

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