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Great Little Office Helper

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Being a single chief cook and bottle washer, I'm on a never ending mission to find ways to make running a business easier.

I just bought a Neat Organizer (portable scanner), which comes with a program called NeatWorks, and I've got to say that the thing ROCKS! It scans and reads anything, entering all the fields to save the image as a receipt, document, business card, etc. You can create as many folders as you need. It even keeps running totals on your receipts. It will export the data into Quicken, Quickbooks, etc. If you keep it in "Quickscan" mode you can intermittently feed it stuff and it just goes into an image inbox to be filed whenever you find time.

It even has a nifty PDF button, which when pressed opens ann exporer window that simply asks, "Where ya want the PDF saved?"

The thing is like having a office manager hidden in a little piece of equipment the size of a ruler.

It's $200 and worth every penny. They also have one for you guys with a big office, that has a document feeder and will scan a bunch of documents.

Hope this helps someone.

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