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Can you climb a ladder with 'em on or do you have enough snow to just step up onto the roof?

We're getting close to stepping up on them. That blue sky in the background is right behind another lake band that left at least another foot between late last night and around ten this morning. It was a whole lot of fun to drive in. Five MPH or less but, don't you dare stop unless you you want a back bumper full of metal and plastic. Right now the band is still pounding away just north of here.

It's getting a little scary now. More roofs have come down in the last week than I can ever remember in the past. The combination of snow mixed with rain and then more heavy snow has taken its toll on at least ten places I know of. Yesterday, one home caved in then burnt the rest of the way to the ground. No one was hurt.

I took the shoes out to walk around my own house for a look. I've got some big dams but, it's doing ok.

The shoes will be with me for tomorrow's job.

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