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double lug


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You would not be permitted to do that here where I live, so that tells me it is not the best way. I think you should have a qualified electrician make that installation for you. He will make sure it is done safely and under the proper permits, so that it becomes an asset to your property instead of a repair item or a safety hazard.

Doubling two conductors under one lug can result in a loose connection, heat, then fire. That is one reason it is not permitted.

If you plan to run a smaller gauge feeder to the other location, it needs to be protected by an 80 amp breaker at the source. Otherwise, it could overheat and start a fire. The large main breaker doesn't protect it.

The grounding of all three devices or panels has to be done correctly to prevent shock hazards.

The safe way to get 80 amps to that other location is to run a correctly sized feeder from an 80 amp breaker in one of the other breaker panels.

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