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Service lateral a bit too close.

Robert Jones

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Had something very similar at my own house. It wasn't in the inspection report.

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It wasn't a bedroom at the time, and I don't have children, so even though I later discovered that it was a no-no, I decided to live with it knowing we would eventually be remodeling. About 3 years ago, or 15 years after we bought the place, it finally got moved.

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The utility company has since cleaned up the temporary connections.

But, yes, potentially very hazardous and a good call.

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Yesterday's inspection. Service lateral was approx a foot from the window opening with the mast head enclosed in metal/vinyl wrapped eaves.

Trouble maker. Shouldn't you be in Iraq or somethin'. . .

Robert - why do Wisconsin couples do it doggie-style? So they can both watch the Packer game.

Thanks for the laugh Jerry! I am a short timer. Leaving for my unit May 1st and due in Afghan first week of July. I am hoping the NFL lockout takes the entire season this year[;)]

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