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1803 - 1976

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Very interesting and challenging inspection today. House was built in various stages between 1804 - 1976. Approximately 5400 sq ft finished. Being sold as is and needs lots of work. Inspection took 6 hours; the report will take much more; about 400 pictures taken. By far the oldest home I've ever inspected. America was only 28 years old. The town (New Athens, IL) this house is in a small now, in 1804 I can't imagine anyone being there. I feel good; this house would have scared the shit out of me a few years ago, today I was excited and I reveled in the challenge and uniqueness.

Here are a few pics of the oldest part of the house.

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That is precisely what my old log cabin looked like inside. The only difference; my logs were al hand hewn. It was merely a two story two room cabin - an upstairs and downstairs. The kitchen and bathroom were added on later in an addition that was so poorly constructed that the shower curtain used to freeze solid to the steel shower stall floor. (Unfortunately the bathroom faced right into the almost never ending wind that blew through the pass formed by the mountains around Harpers Ferry, WV.) Heating was seven cords of wood cut, split and burned in an Ashley Wood stove and a Copperclad kitchen stove. Thanks for the fond memories.

Mine was built around 1879 and is still standing. It had a field stone fireplace, which was no longer in use, but I installed a thimble into the throat of it, for my wood stove.

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I was told it was orginally built and mostly ownerd over the years by doctors. In 1999 it appraised for over $350,000 (which is a lot around here especially in a tiny farm community) it sold at auction a few months ago for $28,000 and is being sold as is for now $54,000.

In the below picture the oldest past is smaller section on the right. This is where all the logs are. Oddly this is now the back yard.

The bottom of those columns are all rotted.

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The brick addition on far right was a doctors office and was added in the 60?

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The front.

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