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AHIT commercial on radio

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You really shouldn't be surprised,

Truth be told, you really can't make a ton of dough doing this job but you can make a ton of money teaching it to a never-ending stream of desperate fresh-faced recruits who've just been laid off from whatever else they were doing and are willing to give you every last cent they have while hoping to make a fresh start.

The schools have always relied on wildly inflated figures - both in projected income as an inspector and numbers of inspectors needed - in order to lure new folks into the business. They know that 8 out of 10 of those new guys will fail within two years and they know that as long as they continue to spew those lies that people will continue to fall for them and continue to fill their classroom rosters and their bank accounts.



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I was shocked to here AHIT do a commercial on a local Baltimore talk show station today. I searched the net to find it but couldn't.

According to them, home inspectors are in short supply and high demand right now. I about fell ove when I heard that.

Have any of you heard the commercial?

The school is in high demand for people to take their class which is in short supply

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