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damaged shingle

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1. Lift up the tabs on each side of and diretly above the damaged shingle.

2. Remove the four nails - two in the shingle that overlaps the damaged T-Lock, one on either side through the shingles that overlap onto the side tabs of the T-lock.

3. Reach down, grab the damaged shingle at the tab and slide it down and out.

4. After slipping in the new shingle and renailing it, relock the shingles into place.

5. Be very careful to bend the tab gently. If you bend the old shingles too much they may break.

6. With some types of T-locks you may have to tear off part of the ear portion of the shingle to get it back into position.

7. T-locks should be replaced only when the shingles are warm.

Ref: Roofers Handbook by W.E. Johnson, Craftsman Books



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