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REA - Bad Home Sale Numbers Corrected?

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Today, the REA is supposed to announce statistical changes to it's home sales data after misleading the public for the past four years.

This is the lead editorial from today's Chicago Tribune.

http://www.chicagotribune.com/site/news ... 1495.story

The following statement from the editorial is what most home buyers will never get:

"The public needs to keep in mind that the Realtors group represents Realtors, not real estate buyers or sellers, and not homeowners. Realtors get paid when transactions occur."

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Good article.

I'm seeing and hearing a distinct shift in what my customers think and say about their realtor relationship.

Before, there was a resigned acceptance....it's how deals are done, I wanna do a deal, so I'll accept the obvious conflicts so I can stop thinking about it.

Now, it's active dislike, and in some cases, open dismissal of realtor inanities to their faces.

The shift is occurring, I have no timetable, but there's change. People get it now.

I had a guy try to beat me up on price the other day, and I literally said "why are you trying to beat me out of $50?.....why not take it out of the folks dragging $20,000 out of the transaction?" That would have been death before...this time, he agreed.

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I have been experiencing the same 'tude down here with some clients and agents involved.

I had one yesterday that was quite evident of same.

In fact the seller (an elderly woman ... who I got along 'great' with) was lambasting her listing agent about her fees as they sat in the dining room and myself, buyer and buyer's agent were elsewhere in the property going over things.

It was not pleasant.

This particular listing agent called and left me a "very tacky" v-mail Sunday night late and I refused to call her back as if I had it would have possible lit a fuse for WW III.

I told the buyer's agent to call her and keep her away from me.

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