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Maglite LED conversions?

David Meiland

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For a single 18650 light, get the Olight M20 Warrior; idiotic name, but the best single battery light. 100-320 lumens adjustable. Great battery life, bright enough for anything, but I've joined the brighter is better club, so......

For a double 18650, the Fenix TK35; 120-820 lumens adjustable; crazy bright.

Can the maglights; I'll give you all of mine. Not worth salvaging.

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Well, as of this month, I've had a Stinger LED HP for 2 years. I haven't experienced an issue with it yet, the battery has gone dead but twice and it goes beyond anything I've ever needed from it.

Fantastic flashlight.


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Back to the OP,

David, I don't know about the minis, but I had an LED bulb in my regular double D-cell Mag for years and it provided, as far as I'm concerned, all the light necessary to do the job right. I've never needed to create sunlight where sunlight isn't needed.



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