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Rusty rebar in foundation


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Thanks Jim,

No special treatment to the rebar to stop rusting. I suppose the rebar rusted because it was too close to the exterior.

Oh yeah, fix the water problem, *then* sandblast, epoxy, & grout.

If it's just an isolated instance, I wouldn't get too worked up about it.

It can get tricky when you've got a high-rise full of this kind of failure, though.

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Yes, it does.

All those 60's high rises that were built without coated rebar are going through 5, 10, or 15+ million dollar repairs. Dig out the corrosion, reset epoxy coated bar in the wall, then cast concrete patches over the mess.

There's a reason the new rebar is polymer coated.

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Not to mention rebar is never supposed to be closer than 1.5" to the surface of concrete - a sloppy installation doomed from the start.

Then you'll particularly enjoy this one:

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29.54 KB

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32.65 KB

This was a brand new 5-story high rise with post-tensioned slabs. The photos show the underside of the PT floors. Can you spot the problem?

I have no idea how they dealt with this one. I was just inspected a single condo unit, so I don't know how widespread the problem was.

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Yeah, not only is it more prone to rust, etc., but structurally speaking, it is supposed to be well into the concrete to work properly in harmony. I hated reinforced steel concrete construction - not fun, and I've got some wicked scars from being lacerated by it in merely walking by.

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