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HVAC unit installed like this? In Garage...


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I am trying to increase the depth of my basement garage so we can fit a car inside. Today it is only 15' deep.

I have a long closet on the other side of the garage wall and it has our basement furnance in it.

Can I simply tear out the wall between the garage and this long closet area? It would give me about 3 additional feet which is deep enough for a car to be parked in it.

Do I need to raise the furnance off the ground by 18"

Or should I try and build a closet around the unit after the wall is removed to isolate it from the garage?

Or should I just leave it on the floor?

I was going to get rid of the drop ceiling in the garage and replace with spray foam, roll insulation and then sheet rock.

Any chance i get get the job done for $2k?

The garage now is 15' x 17'

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Doesn't look like a gas furnace so doesn't need to be elevated 18"(actually the burner compartment is what is raised 18"). Looks like you have an a/c unit attached to it as well. I would leave it where it be.

I don't imagine that wall was there originally so my guess would be that it could be removed.

Impossible to offer price quote.

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Would you consider a Mini or a VW Beetle? Your tradein plus the $2K? [:)]

Robert has made a good observation. It is not likely that garage has always been too short, so you are wanting to put it back the way it was.

Is it normal to see a furnace in the garage where you are? We don't do that here, but garages are cold here.

If you wall the furnace in, it will need combustion air ventilation added for safety.

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There's no return duct. It just draws return air into the box below the furnace. What are you going to do with that if the furnace becomes located in the expanded garage? If you make a small closet, how will return air get to it without going through the garage? Can't draw air from a garage.

Is it an electric furnace or heat pump?

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