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How to clean

Robert Jones

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Had no idea that was the "technical" name for those. Thanks Jim.

You kids. . .

My wife's family is from Kemp, IL, which is nowhere, but which is near Arcola, IL - The Broom Corn Capital of the World.

I have, in fact, attended the world renowned Arcola Broom Corn Festival, witnessed, first hand, a performance of the Lawn Rangers, precision lawn mower drill team, and seen the many and varied practical uses of broom corn.

I can attest that when one has experienced The Broom Corn Capital of the World in all of its festive glory one does not easily forget it. Since then, I have been a fierce devotee of genuine corn brooms and other broom corn products.

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1 cup Clorax per gallon of water. Just apply it with a watering can. Wouldn't that kill it?

I used the same method and solution to clean the Gloeocapsa magma from my neighbor's roof before he put his house on the market a few months ago. Worked great. No equipment needed. Home inspector didn't say a thing about the roof although I knew it was an EOL.


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There are plenty of products available for killing moss. Some fertilizers contain moss killing agents and products containing ferrous sulfate and ferrous ammonium sulfate will work. Algae and moss killing soaps are also available under various brand names.My favorite moss killer is simple Ultra Dawn dish soap mixed with water. It's safe, cheap, and it might already be in your house. A couple of applications of the soapy-water solution will have the moss drying up, turning orange and dying.

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