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150 Amp Fused Service Disconnect Age Question


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I found this 150 amp fused service disconnect.

The house is listed as being constructed in the early 1970's. I typically see fused disconnects in homes built prior to the 1970's.

I'm curious - have others encountered this type of service disconnect in 1970's built homes?

NOTE: I'm recommending a service upgrade due to many issues - corrosion in the service panel (and mostly likely in the meter socket), and the main distribution panel being an FPE Stab-lok being a couple of the primary issues.

Like I said above - having never seen a fused disconnect in a 1970's home, I'm wondering if this was a common practice, and perhaps I just haven't seen it because unlike some of my competitors who have been in business for 5 years and claim to have completed 10,000 home inspections, I just haven't inspected that many services. LOL

Timeline information is often hard to come by, and always good to know.

Other - There was rag-wrap in the home too. I don't think I've ever seen this in a 1970's home. Have others?


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By ragwrap, you mean cloth jacketed wiring, right?

It is not uncommon here to see that sometimes in early 70's homes, often mixed with the newer stuff. I imagine some electrical contractors were using up their old stock, and it is perfectly acceptable.

The fused disconnect could be old stock as well, or even a recycled item. In my opinion, an old fuse is still going to blow when it needs to, probably more reliable than an old breaker.

It is possible the house was built in the 60's. I had one once that had a building permit from the 50's and an certificate for occupancy dated 6 or 7 years later. I guess it took a while to get 'er done.

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Thanks for everyone's input. Yes regarding my rag-wrap reference referring to cloth jacketed cable.

That was my guess too regarding the fused panel being a recycled item and that the rag-wrap might have been something the electrician had in his inventory.

I go by the year built the MLS provides, but every once in a while I question the accuracy of a build date.

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I go by the year built the MLS provides, but every once in a while I question the accuracy of a build date.

You would question the accuracy of the MLS info?

Sometimes I question if I've pulled up to the right house. [:)]

This was from two days ago. The listing feature sheet said there were two fireplaces.

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