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This can't be right?


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Those are Polaris connectors. They're listed for use with aluminum and copper. If the copper pigtails are 2/0, it's fine.

It looks like they were trying to switch to copper so that they could use a smaller wire to bend around into the lugs.

Those larger wires look huge, how big were they?

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These are photos from November. I'm sure I didn't measure them and or did not see any I.D. on them at the time. I was just cruising through my photos and thought what the heck. I take like 140+ photos per home. You gonna make me go to my report and see what I put? Looking at it right now I'm like, "What the heck is that". OK, I went to my report and only mentioned the wires being bundled and an electrical contractor should evaluate. I missed this deal till now. Pray for me. But what's up with that?

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