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If they come back, cite NEC 250.32(A).

250.32 Buildings or Structures Supplied by a Feeder(s) or Branch Circuit(s).

(A) Grounding Electrode. Building(s) or structure(s) supplied by feeder(s) or branch circuit(s)shall have a grounding electrode or grounding electrode system installed in accordance with Part III of Article 250. The grounding electrode conductor(s) shall be connected in accordance with 250.32(B) or ©. Where there is no existing grounding electrode, the grounding electrode(s) required in 250.50 shall be installed.

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The bond strap is hanging loose on the right hand side.

Thanks. I was looking at the 3rd picture, not the 2nd (where it's quite evident). I'm used to seeing that connector bar go all the way from the grounding terminal to the neutral terminal.

It's a problem (in any profession) when we see what we expect to see, not what's actually there.

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