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Radon in the news

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This is from an abstract of the study referenced by the article:


Underground miners exposed to high levels of radon have an excess risk of lung cancer. Residential exposure to radon is at much lower levels, and the risk of lung cancer with residential exposure is less clear.


These results provide direct evidence of an association between residential radon and lung cancer risk, a finding predicted using miner data and consistent with results from animal and in vitro studies.

Makes me wonder if the author's intent is bragging rights of being the one who ignited a round of radon-mania.


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Residential mitigation systems are a remodeler's dream project; one can test in and out out for pennies, the components are cheap and light, and they can be installed by a trained ape with basic tools. Profit, profit, profit, profit...

...but there is no demand. In 25 years of working on houses in the same communities I've encountered exactly 2 mittigation systems and both were turned off. If this were a problem that needed solving then someone would be making mulah solving it.

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I have to wonder.

If this was really a health issue, one would think there would be a mountain of independent medical researchers indicating there's a hazard.

Since that's not happening, I have to wonder if it's EPA department heads flogging the issue to maintain annual budget allotments.

What's real, what's not?

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My paternal grandfather was a coal miner. He smoked. He died of emphyzema when I was about four or five.

Miners die from a lot of different stuff.

I think that trying to make a direct connection between radon and lung cancer in folks who've never entered a mine in their lives and lung cancer and other lung diseases in folks who go down into that environment every day is a real stretch.



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