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AFCI question

Jerry Lozier

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2009 custom home, 4 bedrooms, AFCI in bedrooms.

Question is: going into bonus room over the garage is an area just inside double doors from main upstairs hallway, they have built in bunk beds. (2 beds per side)

Picture shows bunk bed w/night light on wall after all AFCI in panel were tripped.

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All bunks have a receptacle on the wall near head of bed. (they call it the bonus room and outlets are for IPOD's or night light)

My contention is whether they call it a bedroom or not add AFCI because they certainly set it up as a permanent sleeping area.


What say you?

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When the house was built that room was not considered a bedroom, the folks that live in it made it a bedroom but that does not necessarily make it a bedroom. Kind of like when you find a queen size bed and dresser in what should have been a living room!

I don't think I would even say anything about it.

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I often make some simple statement about how it is a good idea to install new dual function smoke detectors, or a couple more GFCI's, a total investment of....what....maybe......$75...(?)....so no one dies, and both sides will argue about who pays.

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