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large splices in panel

John Dirks Jr

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The house in question had been converted from electric furnace to gas furnace. The large furnace cable was utilized to feed the air handler for the new furnace. They spliced #14 and fed it to a 15amp breaker and the other to the neutral bar.

What I don't like is the way the splices are positioned in the panel. They are squashed against the cover. When I took the cover off, the splices protruded beyond the edge. I could see marks on the cover where the splices rested against. I guess we're counting on a few wraps of tape to keep the splice lug from energizing the panel cover.

I wrote this up considering the risk of components getting jammed together and what not. What do you think of this condition and what specific rules or reasoning against can you add about it?

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Depends on how it was taped. If the bolts were wrapped with cambric, then rubber, then vinyl, I'd say it's fine, even if the bolts do press on the door.

If they were just wrapped in vinyl tape, then the installation is inadequate even if they aren't touching the door.

I'd also question the connection. Are there split bolts that can accommodate those two disparate wire sizes?

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