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Nikon AW 100


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Got one, am checking it out for inspection work. Waterproof, shockproof, 16mp, pretty good flash, lens semi protected so I can toss it in a cargo pocket. GPS.

Not as nice in the hand as the Pentio and it doesn't have the automatic daily folder creation for easy organization.

Slightly larger form factor than Pentio, but 3" crystal clear monitor. Button layout the usual. It's a quick point and shoot.

Waaaay faster in focus and shot; about 3/10's of a second recovery.....waaaaaay faster. Battery lasts forever. .

Not bad, if your camera dies tomorrow.

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5x optical, digital is.......jeez...I don't know. A bunch. It'll interpolate/magnify up to about 4x the optical.

Macro #'s, I don't know either. Crazy close. I tested it down to about 1/2" and it focuses and shoots a clear shot.

It did very nicely in a pitch black crawlspace. Reasonably effective flash, out to about 20' with some help from my Olight. Closer in, the flash fills wonderfully.

For whatever reason, it takes better photos than the Pentio. Still not as nice in the hand, though.

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What is the smallest file size or setting on it? Does it have an email or PC setting for the picture size?

Yes, the PC size, VGA, and teeny tiny. I shoot HI stuff @ PC size, around 1024x768. Pics end up being around 200kb. Sometimes I downsize them even more.

Big cameras are nice, but being able to stuff the thing in a cargo pant pocket is the best.

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I have a Sony cybershot. I generally deplore Sony products but my wife got me this for Christmas last year and I love it. Image size from VGA to 16mp at 16:9 and 14mp at 4:3 and 720p HD video. It's smaller and lighter than a smart phone and the automatic features are intelligent and highly functional. I hope I never find out how durable it would be in a drop.

I highly recommend it.

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it doesn't have the automatic daily folder creation for easy organization.

Huh, Wazzat? Have I been missing something in that little marvel? I'm kind of tech challenged - not sure what that means.



You can set up the Pentax W90 so each day a new folder is created for the days pics; makes organization easier if you don't empty the card every night.

So, I'm back to emptying the card every night.

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