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Vent stack

Robert Jones

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Looking for a vent stack code for these two beauties. One is associated with the kitchen and the other the laundry room. Home built in the late 1800's and recently "remodeled". Not sure why they didn't run it up and through the roof during the "remodel" when the walls were open but...

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P3103.5 Location of vent terminal. An open vent terminal

from a drainage system shall not be located less than 4 feet

(1219 mm) directly beneath any door, openable window, or

other air intake opening of the building or of an adjacent building,

nor shall any such vent terminal be within 10 feet (3048

mm) horizontally of such an opening unless it is at least 2 feet

(610 mm) above the top of such opening.

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I couldn't get behind the washing machine/dryer stack but, there was no visible vent stack from the roof. This was an addition which had a different roof than the main home, no stack visible. On the main home, where the kitchen is located, the sewer stacks vent up on the outside of the home on the opposite side of the home from the kitchen. Old school cast iron type stacks. At first I thought that the pipe may be for the dishwasher(air gap), but again, I didn't see a vent stack through the roof or running up the side of the home.

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