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Telescoping ladders, again.

Tom Raymond

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I've searched, and there never was any consensus regarding which brand was better.

At the day job, the other outside sales guy and I have asking for new ladders for several months and the boss finally bought a pair of 8' XC's. We opened one to play with it and I jammed it the first time I tried to close it. It took several cycles to unstick it, and several more before the locks would fully engage. I am at the weight rating, my coworker is way over it, and the 8' reach is useless, so they are going back.

Are these things really useful?

What size would you recommend?

Which brand is better and why?

Or, should we just go and get the Werner M15's that me and the fat guy both asked for months ago?

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The closet door was 17 1/2" wide. My Telesteps is 18" wide.

I got up there. I'm about 170 lbs with my pockets full of tools.

I think the 15' is best all round for size. But I never go over 8 ' on my Telesteps unless it's one of those attic hatches over the basement stairs.

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The Xtend and Climb is sturdier than the Telesteps. I would not recommend Telesteps. They are built to loose tolerances and you need to be sure to snap each step before climbing. I intend to buy a new one before this one gets worn out. Nice and light and always clean for inside work.

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We operated successfully with 28' extension ladders and a 6' step ladder. If either of those didn't work we just told the buyer we could not get there. Folding ladders, telescope ladders, all have advantages and dis-advantages. It all depends on you. How high do you want to climb"

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I weighed 205 when I quit smoking 2 years ago and gained 30 pounds. I'm headed ever so slowly in the right direction at 217 this morning, add my shoes, wallet and cell phone and I'm pretty close to the ladder rating. I prefer a greater margin of safety as I still have aches and pains from a hip and back injury from a ladder accident over 20 years ago. Lighter is nice, but safety first.

Nolan, the scissor lift was priceless. You'd fit right in with the crew.

I'll tell the boss that he should get me a the HD Extend and Climb at 15' or more, and crane for chubby.

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I've fallen and been seriously injured from 25+ ft. and from 10-12 ft. and I can tell you that the injuries from 10 - 12ft. are just as serious and painful as those from 25+.

When I recline one of my gorilla ladders against the side of a wall or buildling and climb up it those ladders flex a great deal and they are rated for 300 lbs. There isn't any way I'm carrying my chubby self up one of those flimsy collapsible thingies.



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I used the 12.5 Extend & Climb for 4 years, sold it to a termite inspector who wanted it, bought another one but rated for 300 lbs. had it about 2 years. I've had no problems, felt perfectly safe. Go into most attic hatches, up on one-story roofs. Nice to take up on the roof to get up to the chimney top or to lay on that steep roof and use to get up to the peak (as long as the feet are on something) Also carry the Werner multi-positional MT-26 for 2 story roofs, again the 300 lb rating. I think a lot of people use the cheaper ladders with 225 and 250 lb ratings, but I'd rather have too much rating than not enough. Fell once, that was enough!

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