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Chimney Flashing

Mark P

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Yes. Caulk and roofing cement will most likely fail before the roof has to be replaced. I would recommend that it be corrected before it leaks.

My guess is that the roof was already on the house when the owner opted to add a fireplace. I would be surprised if a roofer was anywhere near the house when the chimney was added.

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The rule is to prevent backdrafting, but for gas burners and B vent chimneys the rule is a bit different than for wood burning and masonry chimneys, I believe. I don't know, can somebody do the math? Are they adding the 2 feet here?

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Actually, we don't need math. On a 12/12 pitched roof, the top of a 4 foot vent stack would only be 4 feet away from the roof. For a woodstove, it would need to be a 12 foot stack.

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