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So is this a good business to be in?

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I can honestly say I believe home inspection and I are perfectly suited to each other. As difficult as it has been at times, if I lost everything tomorrow I would start over again in this business (if I could). No question.

Brian G.

Permanently Ruined for Any Regular Job [:-mohawk]

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No Michigan law yet, but two are pending. The inspection community in Michigan seems to be well represented in the process. The Michigan Association of Home Inspectors is a very active group in the process. Visit their web site at www.MichAHI.Org for more info.

As for the question: I would not do anything else. I have fed my family, put kids through years and years of college, can pay my bills and have a decent car to drive. What else is there?

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It is a great profession, but only if you work at becoming good at what you do. Education is the single most important part of becoming a home inspector. Then you need to have a spouse with a good job to support you while you grow your business or have enough tucked away to live on for about three years.

From what I have seen the main reason that folks don't make it in this profession is the lack of income to support themselves, family and the business.

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