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Safe Walking Surfaces (ASTM F 1637-02)

Mike Lamb

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Seems so.

I got this from an insurance company's web site:

http://www.riskreviewonline.com/RiskRev ... TheExpert/

Princeton Insurance recommends following nationally recognized standards and practices, since these documents provide the criteria used in litigation. In fact, when a risk service consultant visits your property, they will apply the practices outlined in the ?Standard Practice for Safe Walking Surfaces? (ASTM F 1637-95) published by the American Society for Testing and Materials to the conditions observed at your location.

The standard states that if the variation is between 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch, then the surfaces are to be beveled (ground down) to create a smooth transition having a slope no greater than 1:2 (rise:run).

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The IBC addresses the height differences in the floor surface at door thresholds in Section 1008.1.7. It states that a threshold in a sliding door can't exceed 3/4" and a threshold in other types of doors can't exceed 1/2". It furthers states that raised thresholds and floor level changes greater than 1/4" shall be beveled with a slope not greater than 1:2.

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