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Artography - Train Yard 2

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Is it OK if I prefer the first one? It's simpler and leaves more to the imagination.

I also prefer the first one. It's a more striking composition.

Chicago's weird. You can hang around some rail yards and never draw a fly, and in others you can bring down the rail dicks and a couple squad cars. I have no idea what the laws are, but it can get touchy if you put your foot onto RR property.

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Thanks for all your comments.

I had to crawl down an overpass embankment and was trespassing to get these. There was a RR vehicle that drove past me. He didn't stop.

The original is very dark so I had to lighten up everything except the sky. This makes things grainy but that's what you get with a point and shoot camera.

I didn't have to bleach the boxcars. They were already a cream color. I did have to clarify the ones in front to create some sort of DOF.

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