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soffit ventilation

Jerry Lozier

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please educate me on this:

5 year old home(s) whole neighborhood built the same.

Hip roofs, can vents at ridge. I see no soffit vents and no space at eaves that might indicate venting right under laminate shingles.

Attic was inaccessible to check attic for high moisture indicators or see daylight coming in somewhere near eaves.

Can't believe they built a whole neighborhood like this unless they know something I should know. like maybe : 'we don't need no stickin vents system'

your help would be appreciated.... Jerry

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Where is the edge metal?

If you're referring to drip edge flashing, nearly all roofers up here don't use it. Up until last year, if I were lucky, I'd see it on less than one out of every 100 houses.

It's not required by the IRC and most roofers here say it's not necessary because we don't get a lot of snow (phooey!). Their answer here is to extend the edge of the roof about two to three inches into the gutter and let the heat from sunlight sort of bend the edge of the roof into the gutter and they call that a drip edge.

I've written it up for more than 16 years and have been the butt of many jokes over it.



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In discussions with the roofers, you could mention that it is funny that "drip? is not typically used regarding snow. Therefore, why would the presence of snow relate to the drip edge flashing? WA clearly has rain, which is very ?drippy?.

I have a 1980 ARMA manual requiring drip edge.


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