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wet venting an ejector pump

John Dirks Jr

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The picture shows discharge and vent pipes of an ejector pump that serves a basement bathroom. The ejector discharge pipe is the one on the right. I know that is incorrect since it goes into the bottom of the main drain line. That main drain line serves in upstairs hall bathroom including toilet shower and sink. The line on the left from the ejector pump is the vent which loops into the top of the main drain line.

My question is this. Is it acceptable to wet vent an ejector pump such as what was done in this picture? Again, I know the discharge line is wrong and that's getting written up.

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You can trust me, I wrote it up. It looked pretty bad on the bottom end too. Here's a specific question. Can the check valve be laying on its side? Is that ok?

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I have never seen a check valve that close to the pump. All I have seen are further up on the line and I have never seen one horizontal. I have no idea if they work on their side, but I doubt the manufacturer of it approves it for that type of install.

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