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Any "Tractor Boys" out there?

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I'm looking at buying a tractor for mostly personal use. I need to dig a pool, landscape a (BIG)yard, and stuff like that. Renting one isn't really an options, because I'll need it, off and on, for about 6-8 months.

I also plan set up a company and do small side jobs until I get sick of doing it, then sell the thing.

I have been considering a Mahindra 3015 HST. http://www.mahindrausa.com/Products/df_ ... x?proid=21

I can get one new with a backhoe and loader, for about $25k

Other than operating a Case 550, about 20 years ago, I have no clue what I'm looking for. I do know that these are much less expense than John Deere, and have high customer satisfaction. I'd appreciate any feedback.

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Hi Chris,

You'll be frustrated trying to do any real work with a unit that small and you'll take a beating on re-sale. I think a pool would definitely be outside the scope of this machines capabilities.

I've owned several back hoes and a few skidsteers over the years and when I use a farm oriented piece of equipment like my Ford 3000 with a loader bucket, the inadequacies are extremely apparent compared to the dedicated use machines.

In your position, it may be far wiser to buy a good used backhoe/ loader for 15k and a tractor to pull implements for landscaping etc.

The backhoes I've owned have all been good machines that I've upgraded when good deals were available and I got as much or more than what I paid for each one when I re-sold them. A shuttle style transmission is EXTREMELY desireable compared to a standard. Massey Fergusons, Case 580's after 1975 and John Deere's have this style transmission. Alll of those machines can be bought in good usable condition for the price of a nice used car.

If you're landscaping a big yard and need to pull drags or cultipackers, old tractors Ford 8N's, Jubilees,3000's, 4000's- Allis Chalmers CA's, WD's,- Oliver 66,- Farm All H would all suffice very nicely and most likely would come with a variety of attachments in a price range of 2-3 grand in very good working order.

As for the Mahindra's, they're not bad for what they are, but a machine that size has limits.

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Chad, Thanks for the info. My challenge is not being able to store a full size backhoe on my property. We have strict CC&R's and a big unit won't hide behind my yard wall.

I realize that the pool dig would be stretching the Mihandra's limit, but that would be about the biggest job it would ever do. Mostly, I'd just be digging trenches for landscape piping, holes for trees, and moving around landscape stone.

The other problem I have with a big used machine is the maintenance. The Case I used to operate was always needing something done, and I just don't have the time or desire to be nursing an older machine.

Is there a compromise?

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I'd be looking at the Kubota's, Deere's, etc in that product line if you'll be using it on a regular basis. They'll cost more than you run of the mill ChiCom/Soviet Bloc import, but you'll see the difference in the quality and durability.

I have a friend who is a mechanic at a tractor dealer and he says the biggest problem they have is people buying a tractor too small for the jobs they want to do. I was guilty of that once! It was rather costly.

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The Kubota, Deere, and Bobcat all hold their value well too.

a side note: so you can avoid future ridicule never get your tractor stuck. If you do get your tractor stuck do not leave it there while you go away for the weekend.

I left my Allis mired to its axles for three days and people I don't even know, after finding out where I live have said:"oh you're the guy that got his tractor stuck trying to plow in April" In farm country that's a significant indignity. It was 9 years ago and I still hear it about twice a year.

Lastly, it's "plow boy"

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