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I've put a number of manufactured homes on Superior Walls and they perform really well. Like any foundation, carefull bracing must be installed if any backfilling is done prior to installing the first floor. The walls are pretty flexible and in one instance, a well meaning owner/contractor backfilled prior to setting the home and bowed the wall almost 3" in the center of a 64' span. We excavated the fill, straightened the wall and the job proceeded with no lasting damage......Greg.

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I've seen quite a few of these and attended a DCA seminar on them.

This is a great system as long as the installation is correct.

The biggest problem comes after the walls are up. The framers have no idea what is required when the joists run parallel with the walls. Download the installation booklet from the web site and look at page 29. Blocking is required along this area.

I did a bank owned house where the blocking was missing, the wall bowed in and surprisingly, the bank fixed it.

If I was building a house, I'd use this system.

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