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Whoooooooee....y! Deadly Blast in Indianapolis

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Powerful blast. A guy in my town tried to kill himself by producing a gas leak and blowing up his house. It did not go as planned and he is currently in jail. Makes you think.

We had a house explode just two blocks away from ours, from a gas leak, two days after 9/11. Talk about needing new underwear.

Guy in the house lived. Weirdness.

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this is less than 5 miles from my house. I heard the explosion in my sleep, commented (still asleep) and don't remember a thing.

They have gotten the Dept of Homeland security involved now is what I hear.

Interesting side note; The HI they interviewed on TV was one that inspected a former renovation client of mine's home when they sold it. He did the inspection, made the report, his client requested repairs, I did them, while I was there he came to pick up the radon test equipment and was wondering around the house looking at who knows what. the seller caught him in one of the bedrooms and threw him out. What the heck was he doing??

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The investigation has just turned into a criminal investigation with two men currently being held.

Two red flags appeared early on

1) The woman (divorced and living with the BF in the house) appeared with her less than professional appearing lawyer on TV for an interview. Why did she need a lawyer?

2) The occupants were on a weekend gambling trip and BOARDED THEIR CAT??

Who boards a cat for the weekend?

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