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In-Floor Heat Thermostat

Jerry Simon

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If I saw that, 77 degrees F, already too warm, I would check the temp with my laser thermometer, then switch the toggle switch off, switch on the upper left.

I leave the thermometer or a biz card laying there to remind me to change it back later. Check the heat in about an hour, should be cooler, turn it back on, check again at the end.

If there are up and down arrow buttons, you can run the heat up or down a few degrees, and, yes, I hate messing with programs too.

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Just use the mode button to switch it to manual mode (It displays a hand with a pointed finger) and run it up 7 degrees over room temperature to get it to come on. Make a mental note of the temperature and then dome back in a little while and feel the tile to see if it is getting warm and check the stat to see if it's going up. Let it go up a couple of more degrees just to confirm and then switch it back to program mode and it will return to the owner's settings and the heat will shut off. Come back a little later to confirm that the temp is dropping. Pretty simple really.



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