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ASHI-NAHI-NACHI - Mold Testing Survey

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I recently initiated surveys on this forum and the InspectionNews forum asking whether home inspectors usually test for mold as was intimated in a recent Chicago Tribune article. This is not a debate on the merits of mold testing. It's just a poll on whether home inspectors usually test for mold or not.

Please fill out the survey in the Professional Practices Poll forum. It is anonymous.

I don't belong to ASHI, NAHI or NACHI, but those of you who do, could you please post this poll on your forums. I think the results are important to our profession. These are the survey questions.

1. I usually test for mold.

2. I sometimes test for mold.

3. I never test for mold.

4. I never test for mold and I do not recommend testing.

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Can anyone confirm that this survey has been posted at any of these organization's discussion forums? ASHI, NAHI, NACHI. And if so, would you be able to let me know what the results are in a week or two so I can tally the results? You can send me an e-mail if you like. Thanks.

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I saw this just now on Google+. It's a review for a competitor of mine.

" Quality Excellent

Michael and Justin were awesome! Very easy to deal with over the phone and their turnaround time in our rushed situation was incredible. They understood what we needed for the lender to approve loan on the house. I can't thank them enough. The technology that they use to detect mold is pretty awesome as well."

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