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Panel Removal and Put Back Time

Mike Lamb

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The only crack in this basement's foundation runs behind the electrical panel. Unfortunately, the basement floor is about 7 1/2 feet below grade so sealing this from the inside is probably going to be the best option.

This panel also had no air gap between it and the foundation so I am going to recommend at least a quarter inch of space be added. I believe that is the minimum requirement.

How long might an competent electrician take to remove the panel and then replace it after the water proofing is done?

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The 1/4" gap is built into the panel. They have raised bumps to provide the gap.

I know but I rarely see it as being effective. It's usually 1/16" maybe. The holes that are supposed to be used are often not (like with this panel) and the back of the box gets crushed against the foundation. I don't agree with the 1/4" gap rule anyway. Separation bars 1/2"+ or plywood is the way to go IMO.

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With all the conduits going straight up from the top of the panel, I'd have it off within a half-hour. Back on probably within an hour. It's a piece of cake. Charge two hours, permit cost, service call fee and any upgrades needed to pass code inspection.


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