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800 Number Part Deux

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Don't want to hijack you're thread Terry, but I need to know something from Mike.

How does VOIP work with local numbers?

For example; we live just outside of the Houston area and even though we have the same area code, it's long distance for most of the Houston area to call us. That's why we have an 888 number. It's also long distance for us to call into most areas of Houston.

Is it the same for VOIP? I just looked at their site and it said I could pick the area code I wanted, but I'm wondering if people will still have to dial long distance?


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Thanks Mike,

Terry, I don't know of a software that will fax to email and forward your calls, but I use the WinFax software and it turns the faxes into a Tiff pic and I turn around and make it into a PDF and put it in the correct folder. Much better than having hard copies around. Just be sure to back up.

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