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gas regulator vent clearance

John Dirks Jr

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What came first??

We require a min. 3' clearance from the service regulator vent to a spark or ignition source. I don't really care if there is a receptacle adjacent to the vent, nor do I consider it to be a spark or ignition source (rule up for interpretation).

If gas were venting enough to ignite, the odor would be very strong, and you'd probably hear it venting. If you smelled a strong gas odor, would you be using the receptacle?

Plumbing the service regulator to vent away from an ignition source is typically quick and easy.

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That's a driveway/garage door there is it?

Going off course here a little but are there guards in front of that regulator to keep errant vehicles from hitting and breaking the high pressure gas line?

If we're talking about spark sources, isn't a running vehicle also an ignition source?


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