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Speeder Run

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There are some crazy beautiful runs. The North Michigan run is popular in the midwest, and there's a couple running through parts of Indiana. There's one that goes down the New River Gorge, another through West Virginia valleys, there's one that goes out of Durango in the Rockies and hits some high elevations...some big meet up in Canada that goes across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, BC, for a couple weeks.....Montana flats and mountains....lots of spectacular places.

It only seems to be limited by the organizational abilities of the folks at NARCOA. I'm sure they're not going into major traffic zones, but they don't want to. They like riding back lines and spurs.

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They come up to Vancouver Island and do a run from the town of Parksville up through the mountain pass past Cameron Lake to the town of Port Alberni. That would be a very nice trip with some steep grades I imagine.

There is a semi-abamdoned rail line that runs up the Island from Victoria to Courtenay, but they still run occasional freight on some sections, still off-limits for private use. Most of the ties are rotting and there is no longer a passenger service. Privately owned speeders would do well here.

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