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Roofing underlayment


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I posted this question on another forum, but no response so far.

I have seen this material (looks like asphalt coated kraft paper) used as an underlayment on two roofs. Both were modular homes built by Excel Homes in PA. This one was built 1995, the other about mid 2000's.

Anyone ever see this used? How they get away with this baffles me.

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I just replaced a roof with that underlayment. It was horrible.

There were bits of it flying all over the yard- it added 10 hours to the clean up time.

It also added huge risk - it isn't stapled down so when you strip the shingles and step on a piece it's like stepping on a ball bearing. Clearly, it's installed while the roof deck is perfectly horizontal.

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Just to be clear, I did not say manufactured. I said modular. They built these homes to the BOCA building code and are required to hire inspection agencies to inspect in the factory. I can imagine that some private inspection agencies may overlook some code issues rather than risk loosing the ongoing work.

Yes, the stuff falls apart. It appears similar to the paper backing on insulation, but has a smoother surface and is very brittle. I'm not sure you would use the stuff for. I was wondering if this could be the cheapest form of stucco underlayment. Any west coast inspectors ever see anything like this behind stucco?

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FWIW, I think the product below is probably what was used. It is intended to be a flooring underlayment.


If indeed it was used ... it was probably what was left in the shop, manufacturing site or on the truck.

Waste not ... want not!

I recall my Dad telling me that growing up on the farm.

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