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The salesman at The "Big Box" Store told the roof installer that you need to use flashings when you install a roof. I can only imagine the installer bought 4" x 8" flashing pieces and used them. Never mind that you are supposed to use the right materials and install them in the correct locations.

I also just noticed that there are no vents in the soffits.

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Grab a beer for this one:

Just got a call. My phone said it was from South Lake Tahoe, where I lived for a while once. I gleefully answer it. It's the contractor for the house with the goofy flashing in my previous post. He's pissed that I said that it's possible that the replacement vinyl frame windows could have been put in incorrectly and I recommended seeing if there was any kind of warranty on them. Also, how could I suggest that having no ventilation in the roofing could hide or lead to interior moisture damage. "That's not my job to speculate". "If I saw no damage then there is no damage". He lost the deal based on my report. He might pursue legal action. I listened and tried to be polite. Why not? What have you got to loose?

In my first or second year doing this I looked at a house in another town. The owner was a prison guard, bless his heart. Anyway, they have too much money, considering, and he fixed up a house and I blew his sale, too. I listened to him bitch for 30 minutes or so. Hell, I did not have another job, etc. He spoke of suing too. I was nice, somewhat, and he went away. His house had siding where the vertical ends of the siding weren't on studs. The master bathroom wall was 2 feet short of the ceiling and the next room was the kitchen. Etc.

I was fairly nice to this guy, somewhat, and we'll see what happens. Never heard from him again.

Time being spent soothing the savage beast is better than time spent monkeying around in court, even if on a bogus claim, if you have the time. Like road rage, you don't want to be dead right.

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